December 06, 2004

A Boarding Clinic!

Well, we had our first on-snow clinic and it was a great day even though our area was still closed and we were hiking to find good terrain.

One of my school's objectives is to have the returning staff like me be cross-trained and able to teach a snowboard lession if a skier, and vice versa for a snowboarder.

It was really fun... not only did we go through about what a new student would do their first two lessons (by the end we were trying to link skidded turns), we got to practice as well. The only thing I had a problem with were the toe-side turns, as I would get too much edge.

We also did some practice teaching, focusing on our own personal weaknesses. I built a brief lesson on trying to lead with the hips (moving downhill) to initiate the turn and get on an early edge.

Can't wait till our next day on snow!