April 28, 2007

Knee Blowout!

Yikes, I tore my ACL this last weekend!

After taking my LIII exam on Saturday, I decided to test the 2007/2008 Volkl TigerShark that replaces the SuperSport. Very cool! The ski has nearly the same sidecut, but overall is around 10 mm wider, and of course has the adjustable titanium rods that can be turned on or off just by turning a dial on the tail of the ski. I give them a thumbs up.

Anyway, back to the knee. I was coming down Thunderbird at Mt. Bachelor (Pine Maarten chair for those who've been there) and was going about 35 mph or so, when all of a sudden I hit something (not exactly sure) and had the typical yard sale with 2 cartwheels! Unfortunately as I hit the ground the first time I felt/heard the "pop" they say you feel when tearing the ACL. At first I couldn't get up, but after a minute or so of deep breaths and relaxing I was able to stand up and ski to the bottom.

After our drive home (6 hours later), my knee was very swollen and on this last Monday afternoon, I went and saw my orthopedic surgeon... after my MRI on Wednesday, we've determined that we'll do the surgery on May 23rd. In the meantime, I've been riding the exercise bike twice a day and the knee is loosening up nicely so I'll be ready for surgery.

I realize the rehab is going to be painful and a chore, but I plan on being ready to go by December 1 and not miss a day next season!

PSIA Exam Results

Well, I took my LIII exam (skiing portion) and didn't pass, although both examiners felt that I was close... the main change they felt I needed to make in my skiing to pass was:
  1. Widen the stance just a bit to make sure shins are kept parallel throughout the turn.
  2. Make sure to lead with a strong inside half, so that the inside ski is more engaged throughout the turn.
  3. Lower the hands slightly to better engage the lower spine.

All are doable, so I'll be working hard next season!