November 26, 2007

Finally on Snow!

Well, the 6 months of hard work rehabbing my knee paid off, and my son and I went skiing this last weekend! All in all, it was a great time with decent snow, blue skies and less people that I expected.

I was actually surprised that I wasn't more scared about skiing since this weekend was the first time I had been skiing after tearing up my knee, but I guess after 44 years of skiing you can suppress that fear pretty easily. We managed to get in about 25 runs or so over the weekend and I will admit to starting pretty easy on greens and blues and staying away from most bumps (2 runs on black diamonds) until my knee is a little bit stronger, but from a technique and speed standpoint I really don't think my skiing was all that much different from any other first day of the season.

The only aftereffect is that my knee is slightly stiff (but in a good way) but I think that's attributable more to the 5 hour car ride home than the skiing itself!

Let's pray for snow as the ski areas everywhere seem to need it!

November 20, 2007

Going to Whistler!

Well, I'm off this weekend for our first days of skiing. Whistler is really the only area around with any kind of snow at all, and even that is fairly marginal right now (only 3 of 30 lifts open), but it sure beats not going at all!

It will be very interesting to see how my surgically repaired knee responds. I've worked really hard to get the knee back in shape and as strong as possible. Even though it's still not as strong as my non-injured leg, I think it's strong enough to ski.

I wonder if I'll be nervous? After 44 years of skiing you wouldn't think so... I plan on taking it easy for a day or so and work my way back to skiing hard and fast.

Pray for more snow!